Variety is the Spice of Life

When people ask me what kind of music I’m into, for the most part the answer is pretty clear- HEAVY music. And yet into that category I’d put Sting’s shape of my heart right beside Pantera’s It makes them disappear.

Woah! What!? Before some of the more casual observers spew beer over their bullet belt, and gamabomb patches, let me be clear- you definitely read that right!

Let me explain-

Clearly something resonates when we listen to music we love, but I would venture that that comes from something other than the amp sounds/scene/image/guitar shapes (for sure that stuff is cool as hell sometimes) but the core, the heart, the zeitgeist of the intention that’s delivered over a primal spiritual wavelength, and that my friends I believe can be truly heard in all types of music.

Many times, I think the genre or sonic presentation is just a creature of circumstance, deep below in the engine house the same river can drive a country song, a hip hop song, a thrash metal song. The piece of the puzzle that cannot be faked is HEART and TRUTH, and that makes music heavy.

This may or may not be why I like to try everything but am also extremely (annoyingly) picky! But hey, who isn’t when it come to the stuff that really sets our lives on fire.

Frankly I’m biased but what makes metal so fucking awesome for me, and where I think the best proponents of this cosmic quest are, is that it takes great music concepts that have pervaded time and genres and sonically turns it up to eleven so there is no fucking snowball in hells chance that it will go unnoticed, it is elevator music’s euthanasia. Straight to the guts!

As in health a balanced diet is essential, so it is to music, so let’s raise a glass to all the bands out there letting their freak flag fly and putting out something genuine- their own beautiful mix of the heavy stuff!

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