The Boys are Back in Town!

Sorry we’ve been away- we’ve been regrouping, adapting and evolving to our new ‘normal’. As I’m sure you have been too, in these unprecedented times.

I write this in the midst of the latest announcement by the UK government to lock us down for another month, perhaps indefinitely. It’s a statement made from me without judgement, out of the respect of the difference of opinion many of us may have whatever your experience and background.

What is indisputable though, is that we have endured.

Endured through the music industry’s changing landscape- lost livelihoods, venue closure, business collapse, being told we’re ‘unviable’, increasing alienation, and ultimately the death of live (as in people in person, moshing the hell out of the dancefloor) music as we know it for the foreseeable future.

Thankfully making music for us is not a corporate exercise.

Never has been, we just love music and making a band is just the natural culmination of that passion.

Right before the lockdown started, we were full of high hopes- new album coming out, new commercial partners, shows booked- ready to rock after a long time away in the studio and negotiating the business side.

And then it all went to shit.

No shows, album campaign pulled, locked in a destructive financial cycle with impotent business partners. This not about blame, we were there making the calls too and we got them wrong, who knew at the time how long this epidemic was going to last and their industry, the same one that we were trying to crack, was just as paralysed. But I digress.

Time for change?

Yep that’s what we thought, never ones to dwell on the past, we forged on, but ignoring the lessons of that past would be fatal.

So here it is. Past The Fall 2.0. We’ve decided to take it back to our roots, back to the bands, time to DIY. In this current climate what use is a record label? Not much from where we’re standing now. No ones gonna care us much as we do, as our fans do. So it’s time to cut away the dead flesh and pick off the parasites, work harder and own it.

We’re all survivors, let’s keep our chins up and keep on supporting each other whatever our goals even if the way is hard and it’s just tomorrow.

Love, peace and metal
Will PTF

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