Fear and Loathing in Isolation, the enemy at the gate?

So, we are in interesting times to say the least….

Firstly, we sincerely hope that all your friends and family are safe and well and that your all surviving the best you can out there in this unprecedented situation.

While the upmost importance must be given to our loved ones in vulnerable positions, we thought it’d be worthwhile to give a thought to the number one thing trying to sneak into our lives right now is.

Not just this viral epidemic, that thing if you haven’t already guessed, is fear.

Whether it be either genuine concern for our loved ones, or a confused misunderstood frenzied toilet paper bull run, they are both reactions to fear. Some fears such in the need to protect our loved ones is healthy. Some others are not!

Consciously and unconsciously, fear can be used to control.

And one of the major actors of fear in our lives is the media, and in this day and age there have never been more channels and outlets with different levels of fact checking available in every corner of our waking lives and experience. Radio, TV, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, you name it…the list goes on.

First and foremost, the media is entertainment in the guise of public information.

That’s not to say important information can’t be gleamed from these streams of collective consciousness, but we need to look inside ourselves and face the information they present with rational logic-based thought.

Only this way can we disseminate what is constructive or destructive, what is Proactive or reactive, what is truth or fiction.

This crisis has exposed just how interconnected we are, and only with the rational truth can we move forward with the best that humanity is capable of,

Love, compassion, strength and unity.

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